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At Union Battery Disposal we recycle all types of batteries from small to large. Union Battery Disposal recycling capabilities allow our customers to collectively recycle millions of tons of material each year.


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We offer complete battery solutions for your transportation applications, products for automotive, commercial, industrial, golf, marine and telecommunication needs.


At Union Battery Disposal we recycle all types of lead acid batteries as well as rechargeable batteries. We are EPA certified and DTSC approved. We offer next day service & cover all North America.


We offer electronic waste recycling to businesses and consumers to keep away from landfills. We take unwanted or obsolete electronics that need to be disposed responsibly.

Automotive, Commercial, Golf cart and Industrial.

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Every industry is unique.

Every industry has unique requirements, battery types, and solutions. We serve over 30 industries, including small private firms, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and everything in between.Choose your industry below:

Small Commercial Pickup Solutions

This choice is best for your company if you need 1-4 pickups per year.

Large Commercial Pickup Solutions

This choice is best for your company if you need 4+ pickups per year.

Better Recycling

Our goal of guaranteeing its customers the application of the best technologies for treating various electronic waste, safeguarding human health and environmental pollution. The goal is to achieve 95% recovery and recycling of the materials belonging to the equipment withdrawn and therefore a significant reduction of their environmental impact.

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Our battery experts have a solution for your every recycling need.

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Hands down very friendly employees and very helpful!
Ervin Ramirez
Ervin Ramirez
Affordable quality car batteries
stephen adjei
stephen adjei
Friendly workers good environment. Good prices as well!!!!!
killjoyssx86 '
killjoyssx86 '
Came in for an emergency on a family's car which I borrowed for 4 days,nothing left on and my luck it didn't want to start so I came here and was surprised how cheap priced and good service the battery was.Happy with it
Alexander Bustos
Alexander Bustos